About Us
"Earth is the cradle of mankind, but one cannot always remain in the cradle”

These words of a former space pioneer describe very well the philosophy of ALLTRA. ALLTRA consists of a small group of space experts in the Cologne/Bonn area. The main objective of ALLTRA is to ‘sell’ the space idea to a broad public and to identify future commercial opportunities in the space sector. The collection of artist views in the spaceflight gallery and first projects and exhibitions can be considered as a first modest step to achieve these objectives.

Some of the people, who make ALLTRA possible:
Dr. M. Reichert, aerospace engineer and founder of ALLTRA is senator member and local head (area Cologne/Bonn) of the German Aerospace Society (DGLR)

Dipl.-Ing. M. Sodomann, aerospace engineer and book author, is currently working in the booming e-commerce business and is ALLTRA's art director for the spaceflight gallery.

Dipl.-Ing. V. Schmid, aerospace engineer and book author has longstanding experience as CAD expert and is at ALLTRA head of the modelling and CAD activities. 

Cand. Phys. C. König, educated in physics and astronomy, pricewinner at the German ISS-contest, is ALLTRA's IT- and Web-Expert and designs computeranimations and artist views for ALLTRA.

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